Stock My Truck! Truck inventory management for modern business

Now when you partner with Standard Supply your service truck will be 100% stocked with everything you need, 100% of the time. Gain billable hours by reducing trips to the supply house, and upon full implementation you can maintain company-wide accurate and automatic inventory tracking.

Use order history data to analyze job costing, adjust inventory levels, and cut costs from unnecessary purchasing.

How does it work? Add items to your inventory replenishment cart by scanning the item you just used, searching your favorites list, or do a quick product category search. Items will stay in your replenishment cart until you’re ready to submit your order, and then when you arrive at your local Standard Supply branch the next morning, your inventory replenishment order will be ready.

Run out of flush on the way to your next job? No problem! Use our Pick Up Now feature and we’ll have it ready for pickup at our Priority Will Call counter in 15 minutes.

Ready to get started? Contact your sales rep today!